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Get to know your universe
This wonderful Kaleidoscope of Colors wasn’t created in a lab, or even on this planet. A Black hole spilled those colors, why and how I don’t know. But if you are interested in space, black-holes big things outside our small world you must consider visiting NASA’s website. You can even register for a personalized home page.
I’ve just registered and I already read 3 articles, one about the “retrograde motion of mars”.
I can’t believe the idea of someone living for 30 years and never take a single look at this beautiful sky.. You may realise you haven’t done that in months or even years, and believe me, that’s a shame, Just for tonight make yourself a nice cop of coffee and go to some open place (your roof is the least you can do) and take a look at those stars, planets…etc.
That may sound boring, or you might say “I’m not interested”, but neither was I until I decided to try it. force yourself to spend the first 10 minutes and you’ll find yourself staring and connecting those dots and making lots of shapes depending on your mood.
If you are into astrology, take a look at those poor stars and planets and tell me if they gave you the slightest idea about how tomorrow will be. I don’t think those shiny huge gassy balls know where are they going to be 2 hours from now.