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Windows Live Writer

Again, Microsoft is giving Developers the chance to show off their abilities. Even though it’s not a big field to play in, still they are proving the customizability of their products , especially windows live products.

The new “Windows Live Writer” – which I’m now using to send this post – is one of the best Microsoft products I’ve tried so far (it looks good, highly customizable and yet doesn’t crash every 3 hours. The only problem I found is “Updating the webblog style” which I try to blame Windows Live Spaces for). But what do I know, I’m just a professional user.

The new Windows Live Writer (which is still a beta by the way) allows you to install plugins from the great Windows Live Gallery. I’ve already downloaded the “Insert A Spaces Emoticon” – which I find nicefingerscrossed – and the “Insert Event” plugins, and my own plugin which is still pending for approval (Insert a table…How boring!!) . I don’t know why they worn users before downloading any plugin if they test it before allowing it.

If you are a software developer and you are interested in making it easier to interact with Windows Live products, visit the Developer Center. And if you have good skills in .NET 1.1 or 2.* you can download the SDK of the Windows Live Writer and develop your own plugin