Easy Cleaner 2.0

Last night I was stumbling upon computer related pages, when I bumped into a page titled “The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities”. I took a look at the list of categories then I began checking them one by one. Well, I found it’d take me a whole day to do that so I started looking for interesting categories.

First of all I want to state that whoever made that list spent really long time doing this and I found some of the freeware listed in there very interesting, so Thanks for the effort unknown hero.

I looked at the “Best Free Registry Cleaner” just so I can backup my opinion in my past article “Keeping Windows Alive”. It seems that CCleaner is there in that list but I also found a freeware that I haven’t heard of “Easy Cleaner 2.0” so I decided to give it a try.

I installed it, started it, And found it to be multi tasking not just a registry cleaner. It can perform some useful tasks, so I tested those features. After going through my registry Easy Cleaner found many problems that CCleaner was unaware of. I cleaned them but found out it doesn’t ask you if you want to make backups. Only because it backs up everything all by itself, and I found that a real plus since I always think “What will happen if I don’t?”.

Anyway I noticed that Easy Cleaner can scan you disk for unwanted file, so I gave that a try too. It was looking for unnecessary file types instead of looking for them by app or folder.

I decided then to reboot my computer to see if the startup time has improved. And yes it did improve. But as soon as I started a Microsoft Office application, it began the Repair process and asked me for the installation source. But that was about it, no other problems and so many files and registry problems removed from my computer. I still think it’s great even though it removed some necessary files or registry keys.

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