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Open source software for Windows

Open source projects are usually free, and more stable than small commercial software. But that’s not always true. Anyway if you’re looking for open source software to use on Windows you can check out the list below

  • Web browsers: FireFox: one of the best browsers out there.
  • Video players: Miro: Plays almost all video types, supports RSS and torrent downloads.
  • Instant Messengers: Pidgin: Can use it to connect to multiple IM accounts including MSN, IM, AOL and Jabber simultaneously.
  • Email: Thunderbird: Another Mozilla great product with many features from FireFox (Themes and extensions).
  • P2P: Cabos: Simple, easy to use based on GNUtella network file sharing program.
  • DVD ripping/Video conversion: Media Coder: Great for ripping CDs, DVDs and converting to many file formats.
  • Office suites: OpenOffice: The world famous Microsoft Office replacement for the open source community.
  • Graphics/Photo editing: GIMP: Can do almost anything Adobe Photoshop is capable of.
  • FTP: FileZilla: Just flat out excellent.
  • IRC: X-Chat 2: The famous GNome IRC client.
  • Chat clients: AMSN: MSN Messenger replacement for the Linux community.
  • Mapping tools: Nasa World Wind: Very similar to Google Earth, it requires the Microsoft .NET framework to run.