Why Linux isn’t the best option for me

Linux, specifically Ubuntu, is a brilliant operating system. I’ve used quite a few distributions of Linux. Including:

  • Ubuntu
  • Kubuntu
  • OpenSuse
  • DSL (Damn Small Linux)
  • Knoppix

And more.

As you can see, by my old posts, showing shots of my Ubuntu Desktop, I have tried to use Linux as my main operating system. Yes, for some people, it does work. But, there are a few bugs that make it not ready. The one bug I’m relating too is playing songs while on the web. With a webpage loaded like Youtube, using flash and sound. It just wont play the sound. I’m guessing that there is a simple solution to this, by going into the terminal, sudo your way to files. And then editing a text file, maybe just changing a 0 to a 1. I’m a power user, but all I want to do is what I do. I don’t want to have to research into this problem, and them fix it. I want it to just work.

Also, as I’m going into sixth form and I have took I.C.T., I will be using Microsoft Access at school. As I will be making databases. Now, yes I Could use OpenOffice.Org Bases (I think its called that). But, it wont open Microsoft Access Files. And I have to use that file format so that my teacher can go through it at school, and at home to review and mark it.

I know that this is because its not a open file format. But I don’t care. Most databases use this format, and so must I.

Other than that, Ubuntu is a great operating system. I love it. If them two problems could be fixed. I wouldn’t think twice as using that as my main operating system. I really want to.


But, for now. I will only be using this either in a virtual box. Or dual boot. I don’t have it installed at the moment, as I have been having another problem with Firefox, which will be in another blog post.

Do you use Linux. Why do you use it. How do you use it, in a virtual machine, dual boot. Or as your only operating system. Comment below, I would love to know what every one else’s views are on this topic.

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