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Windows x64

I’ve re-installed windows on my computer this week – (Reverted back from Windows 7 to Vista x64) so I had to install all the software I’m using.

I’ve never used Windows x64 before and I’ve heard it’s as good as the 32-bit version, so I decided to give it a try.

Well I don’t know why do I trust people instead of reading user-manuals and the whole “Before You Install” section offered by any OS. Maybe it’s because I’m lazy and don’t like reading.

Most Microsoft Products (All the ones I tried installing so far) like “Microsoft Visual Studio 2008”, “Microsoft Office 2007”, “Microsoft SQL Server”, “Microsoft Expression Web”, Windows Live stuff…etc

Then as a Java Developer I had to install Java for Windows x64. Then my favorite java IDE “Netbeans”. All installations went smoothly and I had no problems what so ever. Until I tried running Netbeans 6.5. It only took me a couple of minutes to realize Netbeans with the help of Java is eating up my memory. I mean it did take a lot of memory before (on the x86 32bit OS) but now it’s eating my memory for no known reasons.

I then started installing my toys.. Windows with no toys would really look boring. So I started with my favorite applet “Taskbar Shuffle” – Which is basically a tool that allows you to organize the applications running in both Windows taskbar and the system tray – But for my bad luck it was the only application I really wanted to install that didn’t support Windows x64, so I tried going to the forums and I found a thread requesting Vista 64-bit support, which Jay seems to be ignoring – I guess he’s busy with other projects, or maybe he had to rewrite the whole thing because of Delphi 6. I don’t know.

Back to Java. I figured out Eclipse doesn’t support Windows x64 yet. I did find an “Early Access” edition for Windows x64 but it’s Version 3.2 which is not the latest version.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed even though I really doubt I’ll be using this Windows x64 for a long time. But what the heck, I also said I’ll never try a beta Windows.

Have a nice computing day (make that platform independent)