Google Top Hoaxes

Sorted by year 2000: Google MentalPlex: In case you wanted Google to help you look for something you, just think about it and click on the MentalPlex circle. 2002: Google pigeon rank: Google claimed to use large pigeon clusters to compute values of web pages. 2004: Google Copernicus Center jobs: Google placed an ad that…… Continue reading Google Top Hoaxes

Logic exam

Please only answer with “True” and/or “False”. Failure to do so will disqualify your test and/or test your disqualification. Describe the nature of the universe. Sanity. 7+19 = ? 3a. I want you in the pants. True or false? Write a sixty-line sonnet using only the words “My”, “her”, “was”, “should,” “bacon,” and “Jerry Springer.” Why?…… Continue reading Logic exam