Logic exam

Please only answer with “True” and/or “False”. Failure to do so will disqualify your test and/or test your disqualification.

  1. Describe the nature of the universe.

  2. Sanity.

  3. 7+19 = ?

3a. I want you in the pants.

  1. True or false?

  2. Write a sixty-line sonnet using only the words “My”, “her”, “was”, “should,” “bacon,” and “Jerry Springer.”

  3. Why?

  4. The answer to this question is “False”.

  5. The Doe family was an ancient Amphibian race.

  6. When Johnny’s head falls off, how many muffins will Bill not have?

  7. The moral dilemma between doing what is right and what is easy.

  8. The man reads the dictionary fifteen times, each time reading a different book. Explain your answer without using letters, words, numbers or symbols. [BONUS: What was the man’s name?”]

  9. When did you have your computer last updated? You must not include a date nor a specific event that happened at that exact point in time.

  10. If 3.14 is pie then why can’t we eat it? Explain this with cutting an orange in half, a rhyming word starting with the letter KAT, and then feed a dead homeless man this pie.

Bonus: write a 800 page essay on how I got this Question mark up side down (¿).
  1. In 5 words explain the meaning of life, For extra marks use two words.

  2. Using your answer from 14, explain Newton’s 5th Law in full detail without using the words ‘Newton’, ‘the’, ‘when’, ‘how’, or ‘why’. For bonus marks don’t use any of the following letters: A, E, I, O, or U, and sometimes Y.


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