Something to speed up Windows boot

This is my second post of the day about things you can do to speed up Windows boot time (or startup time). First let me start by expressing how important it is to never rely on most of the tools online that claim to speed up you computer. Most of those tools use registry cleaning, which is never a good idea. Unless you’re an expert and you’re so sure you can fix any problems they may cause manually.

Windows is actually equipped with many tools that can help speeding up your boot time:

Windows Defrag Utility:


All computer systems depend on files, files are everywhere. Unfortunately Windows suck at managing those files. Most of your files are distributed into small segments, those segments might be placed at random locations in your hard-disk. So 1 file might be placed at 2 locations very far away from each other meaning more time to read the file.


Windows comes with a defrag utility that can move fragments of a file into the same or a close location to other ones minimizing the time needed to access the file (read/write)

Duh!! We all know that!


But what many people don’t know is that you can use this utility to optimize the files required by Windows boot. Open the start menu, type in cmd, and if you have UAC enabled (in case you don’t know what UAC is, you have it enabled) right click on the cmd and select “Run As Administrator”

Now type in the following command: defrag C: /b
Wait for it till it’s done and you’ll notice you computer is running a bit faster the next time you start it up

Making use of your multi-core processor


During Windows boot, the computer is only using a single processor (Or I might be wrong, feel free to let me know if I’m wrong)


You can use the msconfig tool (Start ==> msconfig, right click and run as admin) :-

Go to the “Boot” tab as shown in my screenshot, click on the “Advanced options…” button. Check the “Number of processors” in the dialog that shows up and select how many cores do you want Windows to believe you have during its boot.


That’s it for tonight, I’ll come up with other things you can do in another post

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