Clickbait Headlines

I’m happy to report that the tidal wave of clickbait headlines — infuriating, manipulative teaser headlines whose writers will do anything to make you click — seems to have peaked. For one thing, Facebook has tried to block clickbait headlines in its news feed and has had some success. For another thing, clickbait headlines seem…… Continue reading Clickbait Headlines

Why are there too many Linux Distros

Linux (/ˈlinəks/) is An open-source version of the UNIX operating system. It’s kind of a big deal for Servers Mainframes and Super computers. More than 90% of today’s super computers run on a some kind of Linux. Also many small devices run on Linux even if you can’t tell they do… for example the Android…… Continue reading Why are there too many Linux Distros

Intro to SEO

Everyone nowadays seems to be interested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). On most of the interviews I went to recently I was asked… ‘Do you know SEO?’ On many occasions I ended up asking myself, Does that person know SEO? You see, the web works in a pretty simple way… There are 2 types of…… Continue reading Intro to SEO

Samsung bringing AMOLED displays to tablet market

South Korean electronics giant Samsung might be launching the world`s first tablet to feature an AMOLED screen, according to recent reports. Samsung has been a pioneer of AMOLED display technology, which eliminates the need for a separate backlight and drastically improves contrast ratios and colour fidelity. Smartphones like the Galaxy S2 have paved the way…… Continue reading Samsung bringing AMOLED displays to tablet market