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2006 Year-End Zeitgeist

I was wondering around the web aimlessly – they call that surfing – and I ran into an article talking about how was the past year bad for Google. I didn’t it all, because I saw a weird term “Year-End Zeitgeist”. So I looked it up and the result was somewhat interesting.

The Year-End Zeitgeist is an analysis of the past year according to what people were looking for on the web.

A couple of stuff got my interest while I was going through the lists Google made, for example the number 1 in the “What is list” was “What is hezbollah”. It means that people are interested in what’s going on.

The number 8 on “How to” list was “How to blog”, this also means that blogs are finally becoming widely known. To be honest, I never expected that – But what do I know – because according to Spleak’s community, blogs are for geeks.

On the “Current Events” tab, you can see that Iraq is still the number one topic for people around the world. And I was so happy when I saw “Where is Palestine” on the list.

I had no interest in the Milestones so I went over to the “Entertainment” section. And it was impressive on how interested were people in the “American Idol”.

In the Sports section, and as expected the “World cup” was the number one hit on the list, and that actually made the “super bowl”, “Olympics” and the “world series” look really bad.